4 Core Elements of Hybrid Hotel Management

As a hotel manager, you are probably aware of all the benefits of using a hotel management software. A good HMS keeps your hotel organized and improves staff productivity which translates into more face-time with guests and with reduced errors; there are lower chances of having an unhappy guest.

But the main question arises – is your current hotel software up to scratch? With technology been advanced so much in recent years, it’s important to keep your systems up-to-date.

Here are the 4 core elements that we consider to make a great hotel management software.

Hybrid Cloud-based software

Adoption of cloud computing technology has drastically expanded over the last few years, promising a great opportunity for innovation among businesses. Cloud is commonly marketed to promote benefits such as improved efficiency, flexibility and even opportunity for growth.

The benefits of having a hybrid cloud hotel management software at your hotel are:

Increased Security: Many hotel professionals are still worried about security and multi-tenancy when using the cloud. Hybrid cloud technology allows for specified servers to be segregated from these threats. An organization’s devices can be configured to communicate with these servers over a private network.

Cost Savings: Hybrid cloud strategies are extremely flexible and cost-effective. Being able to choose between cloud formats can also prove economical as the cost of provisioning services from a public cloud is typically far less than buying or licensing them. Furthermore, certain aspects of the processes maintained on the private cloud can be run through the public cloud, which can reduce operational costs and decrease infrastructure requirements.

Flexibility: This is one of the most overused benefits in the cloud realm. Hybrid cloud enables a variety of choices as to how you are able to deliver services which means you can take the benefit of the best each delivery method has to offer (public, private in-house, etc) while mitigating the risks if you were to choose one. Moreover, your hotel software is accessible from anywhere, at any time, from any browser. This means

Built specifically to your needs

There are plenty of hospitality management softwares out there, but they’re very often more suited to the needs of an independent hotel, small guesthouse/ Bed& Breakfast or even large hotel chains.

What hotel managers really need is a solution designed specifically for their need, no matter what size your hotel is – big or small. And that’s what QiK Circle exactly does like:

  • The ability to configure dorms, beds and private rooms.
  • Allows individual booking payment during check-in in case of a group check-in.
  • Direct connection with OTA’s & GDSs like Expedia, Booking.com, MakeMyTrip, Yatra etc through Channel Management Software.
  • Track rooms that need cleaning or a prep before guest arrival, or even track the no. of rooms that are cleaned on a given day.

Easy to use

The ease of use feature is foremost when it comes to hybrid hotel management software because you probably will have high staff turnover as backpackers come and go.

Hotels need to have a hospitality management solution that has an intuitive, user-friendly interface which is easy to understand.

Features that help you increase revenue


Being in a hotel industry means there are plenty of ways to increase profit and revenue – you just need tools to make it work. And among these tools, one such factor is investing in hybrid hotel management software which is a complete solution for hospitality needs from the front office, housekeeping to POS and Channel Manager that will boost your hotel sales and also increase brand visibility. Why not see how it works? Contact for a live demonstration today.

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