The Advantage of using an all-in-one Hotel Management Software

With the constant change of technology, the whole world seems to be changing for the better. Many of the companies have embraced the technical advancements and so the field of hospitality has done the same way. The travel and hotel industry is also moving toward advancements.

Throughout the last decade, the hospitality industry has seen a large number of PMS, Channel Managers, Internet booking sites, guest feedback platforms, and other software products immerse into the market with new components and features. A lot of property owners assured that their hotels are up-to-the-minute to benefit from the latest technology and enforce these independent software tools. Purchasing a new Hotel Management System (HMS) is a major decision for individualistic hotel operators. For any hotel, hotel management software integrated with channel manager and internet booking site is a need to seamlessly manage hotel operations and room inventory distribution. Instead of using various separate systems to execute tasks, hoteliers must look out for a few systems as possible that are integrated firmly.

It’s unfortunate that many hotels have several different software applications installed at different points in time in different functional areas that lead to inefficiencies and integration issues. Following is the summary of the five main challenges that can slow down your business growth if you run a hotel with the various hotel management system and ways to avoid them:

Real-time business controls

At the point when your hotel’s software systems are not synchronized, you have numerous overlapping databases, reports, and dashboards and it’s hard to get a view of business performance within a single time frame. Reports displaying performance across your online distribution, operations, service, marketing, and offline bookings are essential to provide you with an integrated view of your hotel operations. Majority of hotels do not venture out to gather this information on a daily basis due to the sheer amount of time involved in the process. Therefore, the decision-making process is either slow as the hotels depend on inaccurate information or for the sake of time-saving they make rash decisions completely based on instinct.

Maintain rate parity and centralized rate management

It’s obvious, hotels cannot take a risk of having differentiated rates on different online channels. Concluding, it harms the reputation and draws severe penalties from OTAs. An integrated HMS and channel manager ensures room rates are evenly distributed across the online marketplaces, thus minimizing the rate-parity issue to a great extent.

Manage Guest Bookings

Nowadays OTAs offer free cancellations and amendments. Therefore, guests can cancel or amend their reservations anytime. When a hotel is operating on systems from various vendors, these amendments/cancellations create a lot of doubts. Usually, when such amendments are not recorded in HMS from OTA or Channel Manager, this results to a frustrated guest who once they reach the hotel, realize that front office has no information about their booking. Sometimes, hotels receive bookings from OTAs, and afterward, guests get in touch with the hotel and amend the booking as well which is reflected in the PMS. But, if you have a different distribution vendor, there is a great possibility that your distribution software will not have any information on these amendments. Therefore, if something changes from the OTA section, it results in anarchy. Hence the ideal way to manage these issues to have integrated hotel management systems to ensure data is synced across all systems.

Integration complexity and price

With different applications from multiple vendors, hotels need to spend lots of money to be able to properly integrate, maintain and acquire newer versions of these applications. New versions result in higher maintenance costs as more valuable IT time must be devoted to the integration and support of different versions. Further, hotel owners juggle between multiple vendors for support related issues. Erase all these hassles, by executing an integrated hotel management system from a single vendor.

The irritation of dealing with multiple vendors

Managing multiple software vendors for purchases, contract renewals, monthly payments or communicating with multiple support teams isn’t an easy task. Integrated solution providers are more accountable and you wouldn’t run behind multiple vendors for resolution. If there is an issue, the integrated solution provider will resolve it and if you team with an integrated solution provider, you will have a single contract, a single invoice, and a single support number.

With all the challenges that have been pondered upon above, integrating a hospitality software program will have countless benefits for your hotel business. First and foremost, HMS is an integration of various modules, which cater to the different aspects of hotel management. For instance, hotel staff management, reservation, and accounting are taken care of by various modules in a single software entity.

Secondly, an integrated system eliminates the need to re-enter the same data across different systems. This not just saves time, but also saves revenue, as the need to pay for that duty is eliminated.

Thirdly, hotel operations like booking & reservations, check-ins, check-outs, etc are available on screen and can be carried out in few clicks thereby, increasing the overall efficiency of the hotel staff and management system.

Fourthly, integrated Hotel Management Software provides personal training with installation services. Training for multiple systems is difficult for the hotel staff but with fully integrated HMS, training becomes not only easy but also sounds business.

In spite of the fact that countless hotels depend on sophisticated systems to impel positive growth, many hotels are trying to grow as well as fights against soaring maintenance costs of disconnected systems causing process bottlenecks and management issues. Integrated hotel management Software like QiK Circle Next2Next Generation Hospitality Solutions is revolutionizing how hotels run their operations and build interactive software solutions for all hotel management needs.

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