How In-Room Tablets will transform Front Desk?

With the launch of iPad, many experts looked at it as a device focused on consumer applications, not businesses. However, mobile technology has advanced into the core strategies of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Companies in almost all industries are now adopting and embracing mobile as they provide imaginative hotel management solutions. Businesses are finding productive and creative ways to use tablets, including streamline operations, as a way to provide executive with real-time access to vital business intelligence data, to connecting with their customer and relying critical guest service needs. In compared to legacy, inflexible hardware systems that are becoming irrelevant in today’s world, businesses are finding that the screen size and portability provides the right balance for common work-related tasks.

As seen in the recent survey, more than 1 billion people worldwide use tablets, representing nearly 15% of the global population and more than double the number three years ago. By 2018, the number of tablet users in the world will reach 1.43 billion.

Thus, hoteliers are beginning to use mobile technology to not just increase efficiency and profitability but also customer satisfaction and use it for multiple marketing purposes. Equipping front desk and management staff with tablet devices while interacting with customer can extensively improve customer service. Tablet devices allow hoteliers to create more personalized and modern touch to their check-in experience by providing staff with the flexibility to come out from behind the front desk. Therefore, aiding with socializing and interacting with the customers, further making arrival feel less like a transaction and more like a welcoming experience.

Tablets can also help to streamline data gathering processes like signing up for mailing lists, making reservations, ordering for hotel services and checking guests in and out locations. Staff can quickly and easily access and view necessary customer information at a glance, whether a guest is a new or returning client. By automating these processes, mobile and tablets eliminate customer frustration, helps to provide a more personalized experience while in the meantime allowing staff to divide their time between working at the front desk, moving around the lobby and meeting guests.

Additionally, tablets can also empower hoteliers to simplify their operations. With the help of a mobile HMS (Hotel Management Software), hoteliers can access reports and important information anytime anywhere and also manage rates as well as monitor hotel activity easily and quickly from any device. Incorporating tablets into departments such as housekeeping and maintenance can highly benefit from the device’s mobility. Housekeeping staff effortlessly take notes on room services in real-time and provide instant remote room updates; both reducing the need to manually alert maintenance or call the front desk regarding to room status and technical issues.

Equipping the hotel staff with tablets not just helps to streamline operations, increase productivity but also is less disruptive to guests, allowing staff to respond more quickly and the hotel to track requests & work orders electronically. Overall creating an experience which is fun and futuristic.

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