4 Tips for smooth Front Desk operations

4 Tips for smooth Front Desk operations

Booking rooms, answering to queries, assisting hotel operations to stay on track – the front desk is vital to your hotel and is a crucial point for guests. 

The Front Desk is where you can make a good lasting impression and one of your top opportunities for differentiating yourself from the competition. To ensure your front desk caters reliable and tailored service, consider the following four tips.

   1. Leverage your Hotel Management Software

A Hotel Management Software is the main command centre of the entire hotel operations and bookings. Investing in right software will ensure your bookings appear in real-time, whether they are made online or through agents over the phone.

With a PMS, your front desk can pull up a handful of information related to guest’s reservation, their preferences, and your hotel’s room capacity. Additionally, you can make notes about upgrades, requests, special occasions, allergies and other details which will help make the guest’s experience more personalized while giving staff the information they need to adjust or change a reservation immediately.

    2. Empower your staff

Front office staff ought to have all the characteristics they need to do their job effectively. This includes adequate training so that they can answer each and every question a guest might ask or guide them to the right person if they can’t.

Since hotel management system can provide your front desk staff in-depth information related to customer’s preferences, history and current booking, give them expanded responsibilities to change or enhance that guest’s booking – responsibilities that might once have resided only with senior staff. For instance, assign a task to the front desk staff to change a guest’s reservation or upgrade them if the right parameters are met. This will significantly boost up interaction while freeing up management to work on strategic tasks.

   3.Create Plan B

Try not to make your guests wait. Build flexibility into your hotel operations in order to keep your guests happy and run your business quickly and efficiently.

Make electronic check-in available or provide the hotel staff with a room tablet staff device and a proper hotel management software so that they can pre-screen guests as they wait, ensuring their reservation ids are correct. At the time of check-out, direct guest to electronic check-out options for a quick and efficient process. This smooth process will relieve the frustration of a guest who waits too long at the reception.

   4.Collect Feedback and utilize it

As a hotel manager, you can’t be at the front desk all the time, so you need your employees to be your eyes and ears. Approach your staff for their feedback on how the desk is functioning. Include a question in your guests’ post-stay survey about the front desk experience. They might give you great knowledge into the hotel operations that could be improved.

Travelling can be hectic. Check-in, check-out or getting feedback should never add more to a stressed traveler’s getaway experience. Make your front desk the first and the last place guests need to go for an exceptional service that they’ll never forget.

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