As a hotelier, we operate in an extremely competitive industry. Not only do we have to compete with other properties nearby, we also have to differentiate our hotel against other properties. Even if you don’t have an unlimited investment budget at your disposal, there are plenty of things you can do to help your hotel stand out from the crowd and make sure the guests return next time and over again.

Display your hotel properly on website

Showcasing your hotel on the website doesn’t only mean posting some images or pictures and write some catchy texts beneath it. The visual content you post must reveal the value that your hotel has to offer. Even the minute detail will help to attract guests. Almost all hotels have a ‘Photo Gallery’ option, but in order to stand out from others, the pictures should communicate a story that involves your prospective clients. Also, make sure that the hotel’s website loads right away in two seconds, because the clients are usually impatient if they are using a mobile and will instantly drive away.

Offer attractive promotional deals

The best tactic to drive people in coming to your hotel is offering attractive promotional deals that are valid only when reserving a room through your website. You can even choose some reputed offline agencies which can book certain packages by offering unmatched deal to guests that they will not find elsewhere.

Putting these two tactics will upscale your sales through your channels and even increase the chances of returning guests.

Reward your loyal guests

Offering discounts and special services at hotel to regular customers shows them that you value their customer and keeps them coming through your door. Run a ‘Reward Redemption Program’ to get more reservations from your frequent visitors. Always keep the loyalty program module enables on your hotel reservation software. Make your loyal guests feel special by surprising them by providing them an exclusive offer of a free additional night stay if they book for certain number of days.

Get social

Your guests are more likely to be using the social media, therefore you need to stay connected with your existing customers and also your prospects. A Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account can help you communicate promotions at your hotel in a way that doesn’t affect your marketing budget. Share news, photos, events and other interesting information with your followers. Also, keep track of online reviews of your hotel and make sure you interact with your guests on TripAdvisor and other major OTAs.


Once the customer finds exactly what he is looking for on your website, he would like to make a purchase decision. Hence, it is significant that he is immediately provides with a necessary ‘Call-to-action’ or a ‘Book Now’ button.

A ‘Reservation Button’ must be all the time or most of the times clearly visible on a mobile or the computer screen. A prominent ‘Call-to-action’ button will help you keep the potential guests engaged on your website rather than driving them to an OTA page, because once they go away from your website, there are all chances that they lose interest in your property, and ultimately book some other property.

As hoteliers take step towards an improved digital marketing strategy, some common traits stand out – control, customization and differentiation. These traits shouldn’t be something that only big hotel chains should pursue, as with the right tools and strategy even small independent hotels can make sure that customers differentiate their hotel from everyone else’s. If you are perceived better than others, if you offer a benefit that becomes a motivating factor and if this benefit is truly out-of-the-box, then your hotel will stand out from the rest and it will be reflected in a higher ROI.

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