6 Reasons to use Maintenance Software in hotels

6 Reasons to use Maintenance Software in hotels

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, people staying at a hotel want everything to run smoothly and the end-goal of hotel staff is to ensure that their guest feel like the hotel is their home away from home. You might boast of the best facilities, best property, excellent staff and unparalleled service but remember that success of hospitality industry relies on just one thing – customer satisfaction. And with just one wrong step from your end can get your guests pack their bags and go somewhere else.

In the era of social media, it has become even more crucial to satisfy your customers and ensure they never get a chance to complain about anything. Maintenance managers of a hotel have to be constantly on their toes to make sure that even the smallest of the tasks are immediately addressed. Hotel Maintenance Management Software can helps managers in streamlining hotel maintenance activities and ensures your day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Benefits of Hotel Maintenance Management Software

Hotel Maintenance Software provides hotel managers and staff with the ability to meet and exceed customer satisfaction goals in the following ways:

  •  Track, assign and prioritize work orders
  • Mapping functions to allow you to view the work the needs to be completed in a list view or highlighted on a map of your existing floor plan.
  • Generate comprehensive maintenance and inventory reports to help you plan your annual budget
  • Monitor the amount of hours each employee works
  • Manage corrective actions
  • Create a schedule maintenance calendar
  • Track your on-site inventory
  • Dispatch tasks to selected employees
  • Track energy and water usage to spot unusual trends that could indicate a problem

Now, let’s look at the 6 main reasons why to use Maintenance Software and how it proves to be beneficial for the hotels management.

   1.Impress your Guests

Just imagine, after a long journey your check-in to a hotel room and find that the air conditioner or heater isn’t working. It feels annoying right? While it’s impossible to prevent every issue, hotel maintenance management software allows you to implement a plan for scheduled maintenance. By regularly maintaining the equipment used in each room, you can spot issues early and fix any problems. At point when your guests know that they can go straight to their respective rooms and relax without any worries, the more likely they are going to return and refer your hotel to their loved ones.

    2. Saves Money by Conserving Energy

Energy usage is a huge expense for most hotels and resorts, however it’s also an expense that doesn’t have to get out of control. With maintenance software installed in your property, you can track and measure the amount of energy and water used at your hotel on any given day. Also, the software also sets alerts to notify incase of excessive amount of energy or water is used or on any unusual activity thereby fixing the problem right away. In addition to spotting problems, hotel maintenance software reduces downtime and required repairs which ultimately lower your overall costs. It also prolongs the life of the machine and prevents minor problems from becoming major issues that will cut deep into owner’s pockets.

   3. Tracks your Assets

Many hotels, especially large hotel chains and resorts, use a lot of supplies each day. Without proper software, tracking hotel assets could take a lot of time. The last thing you want to do is upset your guests by running out of toiletries or kitchen products. With the help of maintenance management software, you can track the levels of all your supplies so that you know when to place inventory orders. Once you are able to track the assets, maintenance will automatically get more efficient.

  4. Tracks and Prioritizes your Work Orders

Being able to track and prioritize work orders is important in the hotel industry for increases customer satisfaction. If a work order is generated for an occupied room, you must put that work on the top of your priority list to meet guests’ needs. Maintenance software allows you to track work orders and also allows you to identify which orders are open, in progress and completed as well. Since your employees will always know what task needs to be completed, they can easily be updated throughout the day.

  5.  Tracks your Employees

Wouldn’t’ it be so simple if you could track your hotel employees and their information? Well, maintenance software does the job for you. You can create work schedules for your staff, monitor the amount of time each one works and well as generate reports. Having all these information in one place makes it easy and smooth to manage multiple employees.

  6.  Plans your Annual Budget

By using maintenance software, hotel and resort managers can track their property’s expenses by evaluating information gathered in detailed reports and create each department’s budget for the following year. Thus, you know an average cost that each department spends on a monthly basis so that you allocate your funds accordingly.


Hotel Maintenance Management Software makes a great investment whether you run a large resort or medium to small size hotels. It tracks everything you need to run a hotel smoothly. If you still haven’t implemented maintenance software in your hotel, you know what to do now!

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