5 Must-Have Features of Point of Sale software for your Business

5 Must-Have Features of Point of Sale software for your Business image

As the world moves further and faster into a thriving technological age, so must the way we conduct our business. POS systems are quickly becoming the technology of choice. No matter, what type of hotel industry you are in, adopting a POS system can turn your business around by providing an all-in-one solution to a multitude of everyday issues. 

Common problems faced by retailers on a daily basis such as unrecorded sales, human errors, mismatched inventory tallies and the time wasted on correcting them are all easily avoided when using a POS system. The main benefit being claimed for POS system is that it accurately collects and records data, allowing you to really see how your business is functioning and how to continually improve it.

Being faced with variety of choices might be overwhelming when choosing the point of sale software that is best suited to the needs of your restaurant or spa. But one must keep in mind that there’s a set of standard features that any good POS software should have. 

If you’re not sure what your POS should do or not do, this checklist will be beneficial in providing you the five essentials you need from a point of sale system and why:

1. Credit card processing

Credit card sales are easier when your POS system has built-in credit card support. This makes a very important feature which any good point of sale system should have.

Why you need it: Credit card interfaces not only allow you to deliver better service by offering customers a convenient way of sharing the bill but also enables to complete faster with more accurate transactions. QiK Circle Hotel Management Software offers fast and secure POS system for business in need of secure, efficient credit card authorization at the point of sale.

 2. Mobile payment options

Since the evolution of mobile payments has been growing rapidly, consumers are looking forward to it and it has become a necessity in any restaurant that wants to stay ahead of the curve.

  Why you need it:    Mobile payments aim to provide convenience to you and your customers as they are able to settle the bills through a simple process of scanning the code. QiK Circle’s Point of Sale software ensures smooth and effortless mobile payment that you need to run a thriving business. With so many consumers used to mobile transactions, you can’t afford not to have it.

 3. Fingerprint ID scanners

Not only are manual timesheets a waste of time but also have become outdated when it comes to accuracy. Luckily, this is where fingerprint scanning steps in.

 Why you need it:    Fingerprint scanning gives you an easy way to track employee check in and out times, determine their working hours as well as monitor how employees move through the establishment to see where the potential weak areas lie. It also lets servers log into the system with ease, without the need to remember complicated passwords.

 4. Accurate & real-time data reporting

Real-time control and accurate inventory forecasts are made easier with Point of Sale systems. Most modern POS systems integrate with data analytics tools to give a better insight into your establishment.

Why you need it:   Choosing a right POS software that allows for intelligent reporting will enable you to eliminate revenue leakage and stock wastage, track inventory and accurately forecast financially. QiK Circle’s Point of Sale software is best suited to food outlets, food joints, restaurants and spa that provides accurate and easy to understand reports with touchscreen enabled.

 5. Training

Purchasing a Point of Sale software is a good investment, not only in cost, but in comprehension. Therefore, it is also important to choose a supplier that will offer training so you are able to get the most out of your POS system

Why you need it:   What good is the best point of sale system if you don’t understand the skills to use it? At QiK Circle, we offer 24/7 support as well as live demo and on-site training offered by our installation specialists to empower both you and your workforce.

Don’t let your company fall behind the competition. Opting for a right POS system can ensure maximizing profits, eliminate waste and improve customer service throughout the company.

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