How important is Housekeeping Software for Hotel Business

How important is Housekeeping Software for Hotel Business

Hygiene is ever more one of the top priorities when it comes to guest satisfaction and when there is lack of it, it’s certain to get guest complaints. Providing a clean and healthy environment leaves a great first impression on guests but also increases customer loyalty, drives customers to come back again and even recommending the hotel to others. Therefore, it’s vital for the housekeeping staff to carry out the housekeeping process ensuring to meet the standard of cleanliness that guests expect when they book a hotel room.

What is Housekeeping Software useful for?

Housekeeping is one of the most essential parts of a hotel management system and hence the housekeeping department needs to be organized to deliver effective and efficient services to the customers. At times, it becomes difficult to manage housekeeping tasks quickly and often leads to mismanagement of the staff which leaves guests frustrated – this could be untimely cleaning of rooms, tracking unclean rooms, delayed process carried by the housekeeping staff. That time it’s advised to involve technology into your hotel management. And by that we mean Housekeeping Software which will take full control of the hotel’s housekeeping tasks easily and manage things quickly and efficiently. It takes into account:

  1. Occupancy Status

This feature will determine whether the rooms are occupied or not. Also housekeeping software is important for the staff to know if they can enter the rooms and carry out the cleaning process.

  1. Housekeeping Status

The hotel staff can view status of their cleaning and other housekeeping tasks with the help of different color codes which can be easily understood which can be easily recognized.

It is a great advantage to integrated Housekeeping module with the hotel management software:

  • It enables real-time, updates of the status of different rooms
  • It allows to allot housekeeping staff as per rooms, floors, areas or buildings
  • It generates reports of staff work progress and delay process at any time for more exhaustive control
  • It takes control over the inventory and minimizes the chances of theft

How does Housekeeping Software benefit Hotel?

For a critic in the hotel industry, it is difficult to please them with opinions in favor of the housekeeping software, until they are shown the real benefits the automated system brings. The main aim of the housekeeping software for hotels is to provide and assist hotel management with a smooth and efficient system that helps in better productivity of the housekeeping staff. This results in better and increased revenue for the hotels.

The advantage of integrating housekeeping software into your PMS is tremendous. It provides the hotel managers a real-time visibility to the staff functions and room status which enables them to guarantee better management and uninterrupted services to the guests. This software also assists hotel managers in planning and scheduling task distribution among the housekeeping staff. Through this automated software, inventories are recorded in real-time thereby providing managers a greater flexibility in assigning tasks based on requirement and also monitor how much an employee is working and how much time the employee has delayed in doing their assigned task. QiK Circle’s Housekeeping Software is fully color coded and easy to use software which maximizes the efficiency of the hotel staff by managing daily housekeeping activities. As everything is updated in real-time, housekeeping software eliminates manual checking of rooms to see if its vacant, occupied, cleaned or uncleaned.

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