4 Ways Food & Beverage Software can boost your bottom line

Food and beverage is a leading example of an industry under constant pressure to meet regulatory requirements. A systematized food management is a must if restaurants are to sustain with health codes and this can be achieved with the use of proper food and beverage software.

Businesses in just about any industry can adapt fully integrated hotel software to not only get finances, inventory, or sales data under control, but they can also use them to gain new capabilities and insights that a basic spreadsheet could never provide – insights that have a real impact on their bottom line.

So, what can hotel software do for your food and beverage industry business? Apart from keeping track of numbers, what can be the tangible benefits of a food and beverage software for a hotel or restaurant? We’re glad you asked. Here are the 4 surprising ways a food and beverage software can help your business succeed.

1.Inventory Tracking in case of recalls

Food recalls are every food and beverage industry company’s worst nightmare. But the way, they’re taken care of can make a difference between a company that survives and goes on to succeed – and a company that struggles. 

A hotel management software integrated with food and beverage solutions connected to warehouse management system can help a business monitor each and every product in its distribution supply chain. By tracking dates, quantities for each product, as well as each one’s movement, a hotel or restaurant would quickly be able manage perishable inventory and execute product recall automatically.

2.Efficient distribution for perishable foods

When you’re managing perishable foods, every second counts. Distribution must be immediate, efficient, and accurate in order to minimize costs and maximize product quality. It’s not enough to track products as they move through the distribution supply chain – you need to be able to identify ways to continuously improve. 

With a PMS’s inventory management and CRM capabilities, integrated with hospitality solutions, a food and beverage industry company can easily take orders, find the most efficient ways of transporting products, and track every step of the process, so that inefficiencies can be eliminated and customer satisfaction – and profits – can be uplifted.

3.Restaurant management made easy

Managing a restaurant can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Especially when you’re in charge of an entire chain, it’s next to impossible. By integrating hospitality management software with the POS system, restaurant chains can create accurate daily sales reports in real-time.

Giving management the full picture at every hotel and restaurant every day, things like monitoring cash, keeping track of cost vs sales performance and predicting future sales become easy by integrating food and beverage software in your property or restaurant. 

4.Improved customer service

Restaurant or hotel dining is not just about the food, at least from the customer’s perspective. Studies found that when customers eat out, they seek an experience that leaves them feeling good. Moreover, customers are more likely to spend more money and patronize a specific restaurant or hotel more often when they feel engaged. 

An improved customer service is all about delivering quality product at a fair price and delivering when it is promised which ultimately increases customer satisfaction. A food and beverage software helps streamline business process and internal errors in real-time. As a result of cost savings, better decisions and access to data, restaurants and hotels run more efficiently showing visibility in improved customer service.

In conclusion, the food and beverage industry is very competitive and highly regulated, therefore, investing in a robust hospitality management software is vital to operational efficiency and success of a food and beverage company. Consult QiK Circle Hospitality Management Software today to find out how we can help your company in streamlining operations, increase productivity and boost customer service.

4 Tips for smooth Front Desk operations

4 Tips for smooth Front Desk operations

Booking rooms, answering to queries, assisting hotel operations to stay on track – the front desk is vital to your hotel and is a crucial point for guests. 

The Front Desk is where you can make a good lasting impression and one of your top opportunities for differentiating yourself from the competition. To ensure your front desk caters reliable and tailored service, consider the following four tips.

   1. Leverage your Hotel Management Software

A Hotel Management Software is the main command centre of the entire hotel operations and bookings. Investing in right software will ensure your bookings appear in real-time, whether they are made online or through agents over the phone.

With a PMS, your front desk can pull up a handful of information related to guest’s reservation, their preferences, and your hotel’s room capacity. Additionally, you can make notes about upgrades, requests, special occasions, allergies and other details which will help make the guest’s experience more personalized while giving staff the information they need to adjust or change a reservation immediately.

    2. Empower your staff

Front office staff ought to have all the characteristics they need to do their job effectively. This includes adequate training so that they can answer each and every question a guest might ask or guide them to the right person if they can’t.

Since hotel management system can provide your front desk staff in-depth information related to customer’s preferences, history and current booking, give them expanded responsibilities to change or enhance that guest’s booking – responsibilities that might once have resided only with senior staff. For instance, assign a task to the front desk staff to change a guest’s reservation or upgrade them if the right parameters are met. This will significantly boost up interaction while freeing up management to work on strategic tasks.

   3.Create Plan B

Try not to make your guests wait. Build flexibility into your hotel operations in order to keep your guests happy and run your business quickly and efficiently.

Make electronic check-in available or provide the hotel staff with a room tablet staff device and a proper hotel management software so that they can pre-screen guests as they wait, ensuring their reservation ids are correct. At the time of check-out, direct guest to electronic check-out options for a quick and efficient process. This smooth process will relieve the frustration of a guest who waits too long at the reception.

   4.Collect Feedback and utilize it

As a hotel manager, you can’t be at the front desk all the time, so you need your employees to be your eyes and ears. Approach your staff for their feedback on how the desk is functioning. Include a question in your guests’ post-stay survey about the front desk experience. They might give you great knowledge into the hotel operations that could be improved.

Travelling can be hectic. Check-in, check-out or getting feedback should never add more to a stressed traveler’s getaway experience. Make your front desk the first and the last place guests need to go for an exceptional service that they’ll never forget.

6 Reasons – Why Hotel Management Software is in demand?

Hotel Management is a huge industry and it’s constantly growing. According to research, the hospitality industry is going to witness progressive growth by 2020 with the advent of Digital opportunities for hotel bookings and others. With that, one of the biggest questions asked – is hotel management software recommended is debunked with a positive answer, YES, it is an absolute necessity in today’s digital world.

Hotel Management Software has become an essential tool for increasing the operational efficiency of hotels. And in most of the cases, it is necessary to keep up with the level of business. Here are six reasons hotel management software is in demand.

  • Booking rooms become easier

Hotel software is a real blessing to any hotel. It makes the process of booking rooms easier and much more convenient. Without hotel management software, there is no way to sync hotel room bookings when they are made online with those made in person or over the call. Through HMS software, guests can check availability of rooms online and also book online. Also, providing guest to select the rooms with features suiting according to their needs.

  • Avoid conflicting reservations & overbooking

Online Reservation software is a standout amongst the most searched after any other forms of software that allows guests to check availability of the online booking of their rooms. The information gets transferred to the hotel system so that no conflicting reservation can be made as all the reservations are automatically recorded immediately. A standard hotel booking system integrated with Channel Manager System will also help ease out the conflict of overbooking. Having a Channel Manager will help hotels preserve their reputation and image by giving their guests a seamless and reliable reservation process, in addition to helping maintain order and efficiency while preventing booking errors.

  • Simplify other operational works

Investing in Hotel Management Software can be a one-stop solution to simplify all the hotel operations efficiently and effectively. The software having in-built features to ease down several operational works such as the Point of Sale, Hotel Accounting, Channel Manager and Sales CRM can be very much beneficial as it gives a comprehensive solution to the hotel. Hotel Management Softwares such as Opera’s Oracle Hospitality Solutions, QiK Circle Re-Engineering Hospitality & Ezee FrontDesk is considered favorable for any hospitality enterprise.

  • Gives centralized control

Different hotel software modules are controlled by the hotel manager or administrator. This centralized control makes it easier to deal with diversified aspects of hotel management. Hospitality Management Software gives complete control over the property. This way all the activities going on in the hotel such as Front Desk, Housekeeping, Restaurant operations, etc can b modified and monitored in real-time.

  • Creates a strong database

One of the advantages of integrating a hotel software system in your hospitality firm is that it can create a strong database to manage entire hotel services. Database about guests, invoices, transactions and reservations can be easily stored in the hotel software without getting freeze. The software can be utilized to generate invoices, to monitor customer accounts and also the details of all the financial records which are required to maintain the hotel accounts.

  • Provides value for investment

Switching to Hotel Management Software for your hospitality business can save time, money and most importantly increases customer satisfaction. With the help of hotel software, mistakes like overbookings and accounting errors can be done away with. Apart from that accurate bills and precise receipts can be generated and human errors are totally ruled out. Adopting hospitality management solution will offer outstanding value for the cost.

With all the above benefits, hotel business can become a lot easier than ever before. No wonder, there is an increasing demand for hotel management software in today’s world.

How To eliminate Last Minute Overbooking & Double Booking

In the hospitality business, more bookings is good business. Isn’t that right? Well, not always. It is inevitable running into situations like overbooking and double bookings following damage to the hotel’s reputation and adding to revenue loss.

Avoid overbooking your hotel rooms

Why you’re doing it – Small hotels deliberately overbook their rooms because they can’t process credit card payments at the time of the booking. Some hotels assume that a percentage of their booked guests won’t turn up every night. Rather letting reserved rooms remain empty, it completely depends on the hotel to fill any spare capacity. If a guest who has already paid for the room cancels due to any kind of emergency post a hotel’s refund deadline or just fails to show up, the hotel can effectively get paid twice by selling the room to another guest for the night.

Why it’s a problem – Deliberately overbooking also means that you have high chances of double booking, which is not worth the risk.

Whether the tourist attention is a large cultural event, music festival or simply a high reason for visitors, the number of cancellations is not guaranteed. You come off as unprofessional which can look bad for business and customer experience.

How to fix it – To avoid overbooking your hotel rooms, you can install a hotel booking system to keep track of the reservations and allow you to accept credit card payments on the spot. Not only does it help you get paid at the time of booking, but also allow you to charge cancellation and amendment fees in the event of ‘no show’ or if your guests changes their booking.

Using a Hotel Management System integrated with Channel Manager drastically reduces hotel overbooking problems. The hybrid cloud-based hotel booking software eliminates the need to personally manage bookings on the channel manager which in turn could be a tedious process.

Avoid double-booking your hotel rooms

Why you’re doing it – Updating your hotel inventory across multiples sites is a pain! You simply don’t have time to do it during peak season.

There are too many accounts to log-in to update your inventory, so you decide to just give the same amount of inventory to a few of them – just in case.

Why it’s a problem – Accidental double room bookings are an hotelier’s worst nightmare. Your booking agents don’t see your real-time inventory, so they accidently sell the same room that another agent has already sold.

Double booking causes difficulties for both the customers and hoteliers. Despite the quality of hotel, if a customer is double booked they will lose trust in the hotel and are more likely to complain or never return in the future.

How to fix it – No matter how much effort you put in preventing mistakes, every once in a while chances are high that you can get a double booking. Usually, the problem lies in your inventory management.

The solution is easy – you need a Channel Manager. Hotel management software like QiK Circle has integrated Channel Manager that distributes your hotel inventory to multiple OTAs.  This means that your rooms are bookable on all of these sites, and your updated inventory of that particular point of time is what’s seen by the customers – whether it’s directly on your website or through the OTA’s website.

A Channel Manager reduces the chances of double booking to a great extent because each time an online reservation is made on any site, it reduces the room inventory accordingly. Thus, this solution helps you in keeping the image of your hotel and you will not have to deal with unhappy customers.

A Hotel Management Software with in-built Channel Management System like QiK Circle will solve the problem of overbooking and double bookings all at once. Interested in saving time and money? Why not see how it works?

How Hotels & Resorts Can Generate More Leads?

In this fast-paced world, you need to boost your strategies when it comes to the hotel’s online booking. The better equipped your hotel lead generation, the better your hotel business will be. You don’t need to be a tech master, but you need to have the right strategies – and be able to stick to them properly – for a successful outcome. Below are some tips that will help hotels and resorts in generating more leads.

Tip #1: Personalized messages to the rescue

This is a straightforward way of attracting reoccurring hotel lead generation. When you acquire a purchase, be sure to express gratitude towards them by sending a personal email or written letter. This shows that you are paying attention to your customer and their needs. For instance, Mark and Mary booked your hotel for their honeymoon, send a letter or email including a personal message to it.

Tip #2: Harness the power of Emails

Email marketing is a great way to build strong lead generation for hotels. Every hotel must have their own appealing website with a sign-up form or a subscription page to collect emails. With the emails collected, you can send special events, discounts and promotional content to your subscribers. This strategy will more likely spark interest for their next trip or even recommend your hotel to friends and family. You can also send across emails to participate in contests and win complimentary services like one night stay free or free spa service for family booking. This will engage your customers even more and stay loyal to you.

Tip #3: Invest in CRM software

Yet another important part that drives lead to your hotel is investing in CRM software. As the name suggests, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was originally designed to help businesses build and maintain relationships with new and existing customers. But today, Sales CRM software has evolved from simple contact management to robust tool that lets you manage sales pipeline, marketing, vendors and other types of operational data, all in one accessible solution. A fully integrated CRM proves valuable for your hotel as it will help find leads, follow up with prospects and maintain customer loyalty.

Tip #4: Inbound Marketing + Social Media = Higher Lead generation

The importance of social media in today’s society is more immense. After all, social media is one of the conversation platforms and when you give people something they want, you gain their trust. Stay updated on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This will not just build a steady flow of hotel lead generation, but also assist you in communicating with your prospects and guests. Post a quick fact about the hotel’s history or offer a discount or free meal for suggesting friends or family to ‘like’ your page. This, in turn, will engage your guests and also make aware of your hotel brand to your prospects. Just remember quantity doesn’t matter, quality does.

Tip #5: Leverage high-quality content

Many of us know that content is the king in the digital world. Interesting, engaging and useful content will bring visitors to your site. Post frequent blogs and articles on “Top” things to do in your hotel or useful travel tips related articles that will drive traffic to your site. On all of this content, make sure that the message you are spreading across clear with prominent CTAs that will encourage viewers to book your hotel room. Also, focus on the keywords to be included in your blog content as it will enhance the quality of your website and make it rank better in search engines.


For more information on lead generation strategies for your hotel, don’t hesitate to contact the QiK Circle team. They offer comprehensive solutions such as Front Office, Housekeeping, Point of Sale, Sales CRM and more! Contact us today to get in touch with someone from the team.

Top Benefits of Hotel Booking System

Are you still working without a hotel booking system or struggling to understand the benefits of using one? Well, with the rapid change in travel booking scenario, it’s time to educate yourself on the advantages of a booking system and how it can improve efficiency and generate more revenue. Let’s see some of them.

  1. Simplifies Front Office Tasks

A hotel booking system makes front office operations easier by providing ‘real time’ status of the hotel rooms. The front desk staff can draw bookings directly on their front office console and update them without any hassle. A reservation software such as QiK Circle has ‘Room Allocation’ feature that helps in allocating rooms to guests automatically on the basis of various parameters, such as cleanliness, availability, occupancy, preferences and so on.

  1. Improves Guest Reservations

Nowadays, many OTA’s promote their site by offering free cancellations or changes in the booking to the customers. If your hotel doesn’t have its own bookings system, chances are high that it has to deal with various vendors manually which ultimately creates a lot of confusion in bookings resulting in huge losses. An integrated booking system enables information to be synced via all systems so that any reservation which is canceled or changed through the OTA gets updated in real-time.

  1. Enables Easy Distribution

In this competitive hotel industry, guests have numerous options while they’re traveling – B&B’s, hotels, motels, resorts and so on. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to ensure that your hotels are visible as much possible. A hotel booking software enables hotels to be available in the market globally in real time. It not just does the job of maximizing bookings via hotel’s own website but also is present in various online channels – OTA’s and GDS. Additionally, through the booking system, your hotel can manage all the channels via one interface hence maintaining room inventory and rate parity uniformly in real time. This helps simplify hotel operations for your reservations team and furthermore eliminates issues such as double or overbooking.

  1. Increases Multi-Tasking

With the booking system, a hotel with minimal staff can effectively manage several tasks simultaneously. They can manage group check-ins, check out, make changes in reservations and so on all at the same time without any mess.

  1. Centralizes Hotel Management

It is necessary to opt for a booking system to centralize your hotel management so as to keep everyone informed. Housekeeping department can update rooms which are ready for check-in, the front desk can, in turn, inform which rooms have been check-out as well as assign tasks to the hotel staff quickly and easily. This ensures complete transparency and reduces the chances of loss of any significant information due to lack of communication.

Relying on traditional methods of hotel bookings can only cause your hotel get a very limited number of customers because of time-taking reservations and low visibility. It is imperative for hotels to invest in an integrated hotel booking system which not just does the job of simplifying hotel operations but at the same time maximizes revenue. So, take some time to think if you want to spend the whole day managing operational overheads or improve hotel efficiency and serve your guests better.