How To Keep Hotel Staff Motivated & Happy

The secret to employee retention does not have to be a secret. A simple way to begin is by following the practices used by organizations that have been very successful at keeping their staff. The more contented and happy the hotel staff will be, there are high chances of increasing your hotel’s overall productivity. The bottom line of any hotel or hospitality-oriented business is excellent customer service and subsequently, productivity. And the heart of any hospitality business is its staff.

So, here are three tactics that hotels should adopt so as to have happier employees resulting in increase guest satisfaction:

Embrace Technology

Software and technology are a fundamental component for any hotel to have seamless operations and functionality. There are many advantages to why an efficient technology can help ease the burden for the staff in the hospitality industry.

Technology can help hotel processes be streamlined so that there is no hint of uncertainty. Teach department would have a system in place so that employees can follow a constant process and update their information online. A lot many times, information gets lost once a new shift takes over during manual handover, then the hotel staff needs to go back and forth trying to recover missed updates which takes a lot of time. Online Hybrid Cloud hotel software can enable staff to load all the data into the system in real-time so that the next shift just needs to log in and quickly be updated on the hotel operations. Efficient PMS software also helps hotels manage a lot of their departments such as check-in, check-outs, room allocation, housekeeping, billing – which all can be updated through a single interface. This technology eases the burden on the hotel staff and thus promotes customer satisfaction.

Hold Employee Engagement Workshops

Many hotel managers think employee training is a once-a-year affair. Regular interactive workshops and staff meetings help reinforce best practices and update the staff on new policies. These workshops can indeed be also used as an excellent opportunity to get staff’s feedback as well as the feedback they received from the guests.

Hotels can also take a step further in improving employee engagement and making your hotel stand out from others by showing appreciation to the staff such as a day off, spa gift card or even a genuine pat on the back. Hold some fun activities like a day retreat, icebreaker session or in-house competition so as to motivate hotel staff and give them an enjoyable work culture.

Increase Transparency

Sharing certain hotel information such as company goals and sales growth figures can give employees a sense of ownership with their job. The hotel owners and management should share their goals and targets with the employee so as to boost their work motivation and make them realize that this can only be achieved if everyone works as a team.

Employees having full knowledge of the hotel and their objectives and targets would be more motivated to ensure that the hotel meets its required targets. According to a Globoforce survey, an astounding 88% of employees who know their company’s transparent corporate values report increased engagement.

Hoteliers need to understand that the pressure faced by their hotel staff could be demoralizing. If the staff is overworked and over-stressed, it will directly impact their hotel and the guests too. Therefore, it is important more than ever to motivate your employees to create a productive environment.