The Night Audit process is compulsory for a hotel operation as it is part of the accounting section of the hotel. With guests’ check-in and check-out at all hours and paying their bill through various means of settlements, hotels need to ensure that guest folios and their transactions are recorded and reconciled in a proper way.

Generally, hotel night audits are performed around midnight, when most of the Point of Sale outlets are closed. Closing the day’s financial activities approves the work of the previous day’s shift and provides information for the next day’s shift. Experts recommend the hotel management team should go through the night audit reports daily to get and insight of the hotel’s occupancy and financial status. This routine ensures accuracy and reliability in the accounting. With the QiK Circle hotel management software, you won’t be compelled to perform the Night Audit every other day, but logically you cannot continue with the auditing for forthcoming days unless you have finished auditing process for the previous days. You just need to perform an audit one time during each day. The Night Audit process ends with the reports generated for the day which is called the Night Audit reports that summarizes the transactions and revenue for the day.

Once all the reports are generated and hotel’s daily activities are reconciled, they are sent to the management for review. With these reports, the hotel manager has daily figures of room occupancy and other miscellaneous figures that provide an opportunity to react and respond to slow sales period.

  1. Night Audit Room Details Report –Gives snapshot of the days in which rooms are occupied, available, checked-in, checked-outs, no shows and cancellations.
  2. Night Audit Counter Report – Gives details of the Cash and Credit Card receipts and withdrawals.
  3. Night Audit Revenue Report – Gives information on Room revenue, cancellation and no show revenue and other POS revenue. Revenue generated through various inclusions and business sources like Travel Agents, Corporates, Website etc. is also shown in this report.
  4. Night Audit Tax Report – Contains all the tax information on reservation revenue and other POS revenue like VAT, Luxury Tax, Service Tax, etc.

While the travel and tourism industry might have taken the hospitality business by storm, there still might be challenges faced by independent hoteliers in efficient streamlining of hotel’s daily operations. Simultaneous execution of multiple tasks, many times manually result in errors that hamper day-to-day operations.

Operating counters, managing check-ins and check-outs, managing reservations received through various different sources, housekeeping updates, point of sale and many more transactions need to be closed daily to make way for next day’s transactions. And the ultimate solution which can be taken is Night Audit. It helps streamline the array of daily operations performed in the hotel. A Night Audit not only takes charge of the daily operations mentioned above, but also helps in detecting any errors, verifies financial transactions as well as room revenue and takes corrective measures.

QiK Circle offers an intuitive Night Audit feature which allows a hotel to perform multiple functions such as:

  • Extend a guest’s reservation
  • Change room in case of split reservation
  • Early check-out of a split reservation
  • No Show charges
  • Close or carry forward counters and many more

With automated Night Audit reports, the task of the hotel manager has reduced extensively. With accurate information delivered at a click of a button, integration of night audit in a hotel is highly recommended in efficient management of hotel’s financial department.